Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Happy International Save a Spider Day! (14th March)

 Instead of killing that spider you find in your home, why not relocate him/her outside? Go ahead, make their day!

"Thank You!", says the Net-casting spider (Deinopis sp.)

OK, i will be the first to admit that not all spiders are made equal in the 'Looks Department'. There are spiders that tend to look a bit like Shrek (Sorry Mr. Net-casting spider) and then there are those that are really adorable to look at, like these Jumping Spiders (Salticidae), that can be considered as 'puppies' of the arachnid world - They might actually make you go "awwwww..."!

 Go ahead, click on the video to see what I mean! Don't forget to choose the HD Playback option for maximum viewing pleasure. :)

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