Sunday, 21 June 2015

Wide-Angle Macro

Wide-Angle Macro is a photography discipline where Macro meets Landscape photography. The focus is no longer just on the subjects but the surrounding scene as well, providing for a more intimate look into the lives of these amazing creatures. I have been experimenting with it in recent months and I would have to say that it is highly addictive, albeit, a pain in the *** to get right! Here are some of my shots.

 Shot taken with my Rokinon 7.5mm lens and modified Extension Tube.
Nephila sp. with Sungai Buloh in the background.
 We spotted this Kopstein Bronzeback trying to cross a patch of forest clearing so we took the chance to snap a few photos.
What a gorgeous snake!
One of my first few attempts at wide-angle macro. It is so hard to get the subject in focus!
A Katydid shot with Natural Light.
A  shot of a 'fingerprint' ant with fill flash.
This snail is probably less than 2cm in length and as you can see, it was really tough to get all of it in focus.
 A recent attempt of a Dead-leaf Grasshopper.
 Another attempt from a different angle and with a deeper Depth of Field.

It has been a pretty interesting (and tough) learning-journey thus far but I remain hopeful.

If you are really interested in Wide-Angle macro, do check out Gil Wizen's wide-angle macro shots here. They are rather amazing!

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