Saturday, 21 February 2015

Hello Kitty and the Psychedelic Katydid

I have seen and photographed quite a number of Katydids but never this Psychedelic-looking! To be fair, it was in a fresh state of post-moult so it means it could only turn out brighter once hemolymph is fully pumped throughout its tiny body. Katydids are generally shy and skittish in nature, and would flee when approached so the presented circumstances was somewhat to our advantage as it gave us a rare opportunity to come real close to this beautiful creature.

*Click image for better quality photos*

1. Possibly the Nymph of Lipotactes maculates. ID suggested by Ming Kai Tan.

1) Oh, did I say I met Ultraman too that night? Thank you, Manoj, for the find.  ;)

2) What a handsome fungus weevil (Anthribidae).

3) Record shot in its natural environment.

4) Hurray for lightweight mirrorless system! I was bending like a contortionist and cannot imagine holding that pose with anything heavier around my neck.

5) Oh, I almost forgot! Meet Hello Kitty, the Cat(erpillar).

6) I am not too sure of the ID. Any experts who can provide assistance?

7) The caterpillar attempting to look like a twig in order to fool me.

8) Look away, avoid eye-contact!

Meet my macro family - Manoj (centre), Raz (right). Interested to join us in our future sessions? Leave me a msg! :)

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